Champion Levels

This is a Guide to Champion Levels in modern Dark Age of Camelot. Champion levels are an advancement system that starts once you hit level 50, and talk to the king in your realm's capital city. You can gain up to 15 champion levels. Each level grants additional hit points, power and a champion point you can spend on new abilities.  This guide discusses the various paths for gaining Cxp, the rewards you can expect along the way, and where to train champion level abilities.

Starting Out

When you first hit level 50, talk to the King in the Kings Throne Room of your capital city to unlock champion levels.  You start off at Champion Level 0.  If you left click click on the label to the left of your XP bar (in the character status summary window, by default in the lower left half of your screen), you can change it from displaying "Exp" to "Chp."  When you mouse over the Chp text it will say "earning X champion level XP" where X is the champion level you are …

A guide to PvE Leveling in DAOC for New Players

This is a guide to how to get from level 1 to 50 following the new player quest series in modern Dark Age of Camelot.*  In my opinion this is the best progression route for players completely new to DAoC.  You will level fairly quickly and get solid gear as quest rewards along the way.  It's also a stress free way to gradually learn the basic game mechanics.  Unfortunately, those quests run out at around level 35, and the guidance you are given in game on where to go next is pretty useless.  This guide contains one possible leveling route through to 50. The leveling path I've laid out here is designed largely to be pain free for new players getting their feet wet.
*This guide covers where to go and what to do, not combat mechanics or character builds. To figure out what skills to pick as you level, using a character planner is nearly mandatory in DAoC.  Vanesyra's Online Charplaneris the best one I know of.

Alternate Routes

For an overview of all of the activities available …

Orion's Belt: A lowbie's first artifact

This guide walks you through how to obtain your first artifact at level 30, Orion's Belt.  It's a nice artifact that, once fully leveled, will give you  5% bonus to all experience points and realm experience earned.   It will have better stats than any of the belts you are offered during the new player quest series, and for a few classes it's even better than the exemplar's belts offered as part of the free epic gear at level 50.  Finally, on Gaheris it's especially useful as you can put it on when you turn in seals for the realm XP bonus and use something with better stats the rest of the time (you can both consume your cake and possess it!).

The main reason I'm writing this guide is that it introduces new players to a lot of things you need to know about.  Channelers, how to get to Atlantis, how to start your first quests in Atlantis, and how to buy artifacts.  The latter process is especially confusing the first time on Gaheris.  DAoC specific terms I'll…

Horses in Modern DAoC

This guide focuses mainly on where to get horses and saddles/ horse armor, as these are both pretty essential things to know about.  A lot of the information currently available on the web is out of date, and I haven't seen all of this information in one place anywhere else.  You can find pictures of all the mounts available in game on the official website , though the the information on what champion levels are needed to equip different sets of horse armor is currently wrong.  Etaew has a good general guide to horse mechanics that's definitely worth reading.

To use a mount enter "/mount" to open your mount panel, move the horse you want to use from your inventory to the "active" slot of the mount panel, then drag the mount icon from the panel to one of your quickbar slots.  There are two general classes of horse:

Standard horses can be used at level ten or higher, grant a 135% runspeed bonus (roughly the same speed as sprinting), can't use saddles or ot…