DAoC Guides: Overview

On this website you'll find new player guides for Dark Age of Camelot.  These guides assume you have played a MMO before, but no familiarity with DAoC at all.   Each guide also includes links to additional useful resources that are still up-to-date with the current game.

Why this website?

When I recently started playing Dark Age of Camelot again, I found the game much improved from what I remembered from my last time there over a decade ago.  Compared to when I previously played (first at launch in 2001, and a few more times in subsequent years) the game is far easier to get into.  You can start a fresh character and hit level 50 in a matter of hours, less than 20 even if you take your time with side-quests.  When you hit the level cap you'll also get a solid set of end-game starter gear for free.

I also found the game to be obscure, in some cases frustratingly so.  A lot of nearly critical systems aren't documented, or in some cases even alluded to, in-game on a normal pla…

The level 50 Champion Quest Line Part Two: Unravelling and Culmination

This is a guide to the later steps in the level 50 Champion Quest series in Dark Age of Camelot.  You can find a guide to the first part of this quest chain in my previous post, and a general overview of Champion Levels here.

This guide is mainly intended to get you through parts of this quest series that are confusing or out of date in the modern game.  This isn't a standalone guide, you will still need to read the quests as you go to progress.  I haven't been able to find anything at all on the web that gives hints for some of the very last steps in this chain.  This guide should be enough to get you through all of the parts that can be soloed without using a buffbot.

Unraveling: Infernal Investigation

Like some of the last quests in this series, many of the instructions given by the quest text are either confusing or badly out of date with the modern game.  For example, one part for hibernian players instructs them to go the the "frontier side" of Cruachan Gorge...…

The level 50 Champion Quest Line Part One: Emissary

This is the first of two guides to the level 50 Champion Level quest series in Dark Age of Camelot.  It's is a fun and rewarding challenge for a solo player.  All but the last step of the quest chain can be soloed by most classes, yielding a ton of Champion XP (about 5 levels worth) and up to 1.2 platinum per step.  If you are tired of running bounty quests for all of your champion levels on a fresh 50, it's a great alternative.  On Gaheris, this is also a good way to start earning realm ranks.  Adventuring in the Labyrinth during the last few steps will often get you enough Glowing Dreaded Seals as random drops for realm rank 2.5+.

The reason for this guide is that quest line is oddly obscure.  It's easy to miss on many classes, and the instructions on some steps are completely out of date with the modern game.  This guide is meant to get you through steps that are confusing and / or with outdated instructions.  This guide is not meant to completely replace the in-game in…

Champion Levels

This is a Guide to Champion Levels in modern Dark Age of Camelot. Champion levels are an advancement system that starts once you hit level 50, and talk to the king in your realm's capital city. You can gain up to 15 champion levels. Each level grants additional hit points, power and a champion point you can spend on new abilities.  This guide discusses the various paths for gaining Cxp, the rewards you can expect along the way, and where to train champion level abilities.

Starting Out

When you first hit level 50, talk to the King in the Kings Throne Room of your capital city to unlock champion levels.  You start off at Champion Level 0.  If you left click click on the label to the left of your XP bar (in the character status summary window, by default in the lower right half of your screen), you can change it from displaying "Exp" to "Chp."  When you mouse over the Chp text it will say "earning X champion level XP" where X is the champion level you are…

A guide to PvE Leveling in DAOC for New Players

This is a guide to how to get from level 1 to 50 doing PvE in modern Dark Age of Camelot.*  It covers new player basics, an easy solo route from 35 to 50, and some links to get you started as a fresh 50.

This guide assumes you'll start out by following the new player experience quest series. In my opinion this is the best progression route for players completely new to DAoC.  You will level fairly quickly and get solid gear as quest rewards along the way.  It's also a stress free way to gradually learn the basic game mechanics.  Unfortunately, those quests run out at around level 35, and the guidance you are given in game on where to go next is pretty useless.  This guide contains one possible leveling route through to 50. The leveling path I've laid out here is designed largely to be pain free for new players getting their feet wet.
*This guide covers where to go and what to do, not mechanics or character builds. To figure out what skills to pick as you level, using a char…